10 Random Thoughts about Trump

Posted 12/05/2018

  1. Does a five (5) time Draft Dodger, have the right to say a Vietnam Veteran whose plane was shot down, captured and tortured for many years, was not a War Hero?
  2. Can A Presidential Candidate who hires a Foreign Agent for another Country as his Campaign Manager, and another Foreign Agent to be his National Security Adviser, really say that he “Hires The Best People”
  3. Can a person who mocks a Disabled Reporter, a Gold Star Family and a Sexually Assaulted woman claim that he is “Acting Presidential”
  4. Should a person say that having sex with women in the New York area, and avoiding Sexually Transmitted diseases, was his own Vietnam?
  5. Can a President who has cheated on 100% of his wives, walked out on 80% of his children and divorced 67% of his wives really represent a Party that claims to be the “Family Values Party”
  6. If a President cannot Balance the Budget during a “Booming Economy”, when can he?
  7. If a President increases the National Debt by 2.75 Billion per day, how will be complete his promise to “Wipe-Out” the National Debt?
  8. Should a President who promised us that Mexico would pay for the Wall, threaten to shut down the Government if Americans are not willing to pay for it?
  9. When a President says avoiding the payment of taxes, makes him a smart person, is he encouraging all Americans to avoid paying their taxes?
  10. If our current President removed the words, Hoax, Rigged, Witch Hunt, Crooked Hillary, Angry Democrats and No Collusion from his vocabulary, would he have anything left to say?