Trump Methods Of Influence

Posted 11/11/18

Donald Trump uses two (2) methods of influence:

  • Intimidation
  • Manipulation

Both of these methods are negative forms of influence.


Leaders who use Intimidation to influence people usually lack people skills. They intimidate people because they very often feel intimidated themselves.

They are “My Way Or The Highway” type of leaders.

This method of influence generally causes very high employee turnover, because many employees will not stay in an environment where they are being intimidated.

Intimidation causes fear, fear creates insecurity and insecurity causes employee turnover.

The chart below shows the extremely high employee turnover in the Trump Administration.

Of the 32 “Original” Trump Team members, only ten (10) remain. This represents a 68.8% turnover rate.



Manipulation is another negative method of influence. Leaders who use Manipulation quickly lose the trust of their employees and the people that follow them.

The biggest problem with the use of Manipulation as a form of influence is the fact that it is very short-lived. It only works until the employees or followers realize that they have been Manipulated. Once they realize that they have been Manipulated, they become very suspicious of everything the leader says.

We have probably all been in a situation where we were asked to do someone a “small favor” only to find out later that this “small favor” required much more effort than we were originally lead to believe, and we then realized we had been “set-up”. If this person repeatedly did this to us, we would quickly start questioning everything they asked.

The bottom line is the fact that this method of influence is apt to cause the leader to lose the trust of their people.

I believe that the fact that Donald Trump is not winning when it comes to whether people trust him over the mainstream media is testament to this. According to the most recent Quinnipiac poll, the percentage of Americans who trust Trump over the mainstream media has dropped. Only 30% of people trust this president over the mainstream media.


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