Where Is The 10% Tax Cut For The Middle Class Trump Promised Before The Mid-Terms?

In October 2018, Trump repeatedly promised a 10% Tax Cut for the Middle Class.

Trump said they were working on the Middle Class Tax Cut, and could deliver on this promise before November 2018.

This Trump promise did seem quite suspicious, not just because Trump lacks credibility, but because he continued to make this promise deep into October 2018, even though Congress would not be back in session until after the Mid-Term elections.

On Tuesday 12/18/2018, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, declined to comment on whether Trump’s fake middle-class tax cut was real.

The Treasury Secretary in an interview with Bloomberg on Tuesday declined to comment on whether the 10 percent tax cut for the middle class the president suddenly started talking about before the 2018 midterms actually exists.

“I’m not going to comment on whether it is a real thing or not a real thing,” Mnuchin said.

Was the Trump 10% Middle Class Tax Cut promise just Trump Lie # 8747?

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