Trump Increases National Debt


National Debt Today 12/27/18: 21 Trillion 900 Billion

National Debt 1/20/17 (the day Trump took office): 19 Trillion 947 Billion

Debt has increased ONE (1) TRILLION 953 BILLION since Trump took office.

WILL Trump lose (2) TRILLION by 1/20/19?

The National Debt has increased 2.76 BILLION per day since Trump took office.

The National Debt only needs to increase by 1.96 Billion per day for the remaining 24 days of Trump’s second year, for the National Debt to have increased by (2) TRILLION under Trump in (2) years.

This is the same Trump who campaigned that he would “Wipe-Out” the National Debt. LMFAO

What did we expect from a man who was given 400 Million by his Father and then went bankrupt (6) times?

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