Trump should shut down the Government in Mexico

I just cannot understand why Trump would shutdown the government of the United States of America, because Mexico will not pay for the Wall. Why should Americans be punished for Trump’s failed campaign promise?

If Trump wants to shutdown a government for not paying for the Wall, shouldn’t he shutdown the government of Mexico?

I heard Trump supporters chant “Mexico Will Pay” “Mexico Will Pay” I never heard them say “America Will Pay” America Will Pay”, but for some reason, Trump thinks that if he can get Americans to pay for the Wall, he will have honored his campaign promise. HE WILL NOT HAVE!!!

Trump’s promise was NOT “America Will Pay For The Wall”

Trump’s promise WAS “Mexico Will Pay For The Wall”

If he wants the Wall so bad, he can either get Mexico to pay for it, or he can pay for it himself.

Why does America keep having to pay for Trump’s campaign lies?

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