Would Trump Brag About Zero Growth?

The Dow Jones only needs to increase by 2,200 points on Monday 12/31/2018 for Donald Trump to be able to brag about having Zero Growth in the stock market for 2018.

If Trump can brag about Zero results in N. Korea, bragging about Zero Growth in the Market should be very easy for him.

Trump might even find a way to brag if the Stock Market finishes down for 2018, after all, he did brag about the size of his Inauguration crowd, even though much fewer people attended his than attended President Obama’s Inauguration.

Trump has bragged that he is “My Favorite President”, however of the thirteen Presidents in my lifetime, I have him ranked at #13. I am hoping that in my lifetime, I can watch him drop to #14, #15, #16…

When Donald Trump goes to prison, do you think he will brag about being the “Best Prisoner Ever”?

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