Trump Supporters are in hiding…LMFAO

Have you heard from any Trump supporters lately? Probably not, and you are not alone. Trump supporters are surprisingly quiet, and practically invisible. They are becoming as rare as a 1943 copper penny.

The thing I love the most, are the Trump supporters who are trying to maintain, that they never truly liked Trump, they never truly respected Trump, and they were only interested in getting conservatives on the Supreme Court.

I almost feel bad for them. They have been through so much during the past two (2) years. They have had to defend the fact that the National Debt has increased TWO (2) TRILLION dollars under Trump, even though Trump said he would “Wipe Out” the Debt. They have had to pretend that they believed all of Trump’s lies. They have had to turn their heads and ignore Trump dropping to his knees for Russia, North Korea and Saudi Arabia.

What do they have to look forward too? The Congressional Investigations into the Trump Crime Family? The Seventeen Criminal and/or Civil Investigations into Trump? The possible Trump Impeachment Hearings? The possible Trump Impeachment Conviction?

Yes, the Trump supporters have gone dark. Lights are off, blinds are pulled down, and they are off the grid.

I almost feel bad for them.

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