The December 2018 US Jobs Report documents the fact that Donald Trump added 272,000 (5.4%) less jobs in his first two (2) years in office than Obama added in his last two (2) years.

Obama Total 2015 & 2016 = 5,056,000

Trump Total 2017 & 2018 = 4,781,000

The 2,593,000 jobs Trump Created in 2018 was a Record one-year high for Donald Trump, and was only 412,000 (13.7%) less than Obama’s record one-year high of 3,005,000.

Obama’s Record one-year high: 3,005,000

Trump’s Record one-year high: 2,593,000

Donald Trump is very fortunate that the December 2018 US Jobs report did not include the almost 800,000 Federal Employees who are either out of work or not being paid as a result of the Trump Shutdown.

Trump does lead Obama in several areas:

  1. Number Of Bankruptcies
  2. Number of Ex-Wives
  3. Number of Lawsuits filed against him
  4. Number of Lies told

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