National Debt Daily Update 1/06/2019


National Debt Today 1/06/19: 21 Trillion 918 Billion

National Debt 1/20/17: 19 Trillion 947 Billion

The National Debt has increased ONE (1) TRILLION 971 BILLION, since Donald Trump took office.


  1. Will the National Debt under the Trump Administration increase by (2) TRILLION before Trump finishes his 2nd year in office?
  2. Since Trump Campaigned to “Wipe-Out” the National Debt in eight (8) years, how will he accomplish this, if the National Debt continues to increase every year?
  3. If Donald Trump cannot even Balance the Budget during what he calls a “Booming Economy” when will he be able to do it?
  4. Do you think that Donald Trump, giving the largest portion of the recent Tax Cut Bill to the wealthiest people, was an effective way to reduce the National Debt? 
  5. Would you seek financial help from someone who went Bankrupt six (6) times?
  6. Do you think Russia and Putin are satisfied with the investments they have made into Donald Trump?

Sources: U.S.National Debt Clock, Congressional Budget Office

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