The “Acting” Trump Cabinet

Have we ever in the history of the United States had an Administration’s Cabinet with so many “Acting” members?

We have:

  • An Acting Chief of Staff
  • An Acting Attorney General
  • An Acting Secretary of Defense
  • An Acting Secretary of the Interior
  • An Acting Ambassador to the United Nations
  • An Acting Head of Environmental Protection

Since people who have the word “acting” in their title do not command the same about of respect, because they are viewed as just temporary place holders, how can the departments that they lead be effective?

The Twenty Five Percent of Trump’s cabinet that are “Acting” are nothing more than the “seat holders” that quickly fill empty seats at the Oscars when someone leaves to take a piss, so that the audience always looks full like it is full.

Remember when Trump said he would hire the “Best People”? How did that work out for him?

Remember when Trump claimed that Obama could not be effective because he was on his 3rd Chief of Staff in three years? Trump is now on his 3rd Chief of Staff in less than two years, and his 3rd is only “Acting”, so we can expect his 4th one soon.

When Trump was campaigning, he promised to “Act” Presidential when taking office. That did not turn out well either.

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