Tonight On TV and Twitter: “Trump & Friends”

9:00PM: Donald Trump aka “Trump the Lying King”, will explain why he is proud of the “Trump Shutdown, and why Americans should pay for the Wall, or Fence, or Beaded Curtain instead of Mexico.

9:15PM: Casey Anthony will announce the opportunity of owning and operating your own “Casey Anthony Day Care Center” franchise.

9:30PM: OJ Simpson provides advice on how to avoid abusive relationships.

9:45PM: Bill Cosby talks about his new book “The Casting Couch”

10:00PM: Bill O’Reilly warns about Sexual Misconduct in the workplace.

10:15PM: Sean Hannity proves you do not need to be smart to have your own show on Fake Fox News.

10:30PM: Ivanka “Lock Me Up” Trump wonders how far you can travel in space until you get to the end of space.

10:45PM: Donald Trump aka “Trump The Russian Puppet” Tweets that he did not really say what he said at 9:00PM.

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