Being a Trump Supporter is a Challenge

The Challenge of being a Trump Supporter:

To be a Trump Supporter a person needs to accept the fact that they will have to support him when he says one thing, while being willing to continue that supporting him again when he later says the exact opposite.

They also need to continue supporting him when the things that he says turn out to be totally false, when he does something that he promised he would not do, and when he does not do things he promised he would do.

I would think that this would be very frustrating for his supporters, but they seem willing to accept this as a price of being a Trump Supporter.

Some Examples:

They supported him and even chanted with him that “Mexico will pay for the Wall”, however now they seem to support America paying for the Wall.

They supported him when he said that he would and would not Release his Taxes.

They believed him when he said he would NEVER Settle the Trump University Lawsuit, but said nothing when he actually did settle it for Twenty Five (25) Million Dollars.

They believed him when he said he did not know anything about payments to Stormy Daniels and also believed him when he said he did.

They believed him when he said he would “Wipe-Out” the National Debt” but now say nothing about the fact that he has increased the debt by (1) Trillion 770 Billion Dollars in only twenty (20) Months.

They believed him when he said he would sue the women that accused him of Sexual Misconduct, but have been quiet about the fact that he never followed through.

They believed him and chanted with him “Lock Her Up” but they have not said anything after the election when he later said “She has been through enough”

They believed him when he said he only hires “The Best People” but they accept the fact that both his National Security Adviser and his Campaign Manager turned out the be Foreign Agents for other countries.

On November 9, 2018 Trump “I do not know Matt Whitaker”, but during an interview with Fox & Friends on October 11, 2018 Trump said “I know Matt Whitaker, he is a great man”.

We could go on and on. Trump’s lies are just to numerous to count.

The 30 Twitter Polls listed below, were all posted on the @realdonaldtrump twitter page. I posted one (1) poll per day over a thirty (30) day period. All Trump supporters had an opportunity to vote, but that did not appear to help him. Here are the final results of each poll:


I will never understand how his supporters are willing to accept this from him.

Can anyone explain this?