Do You Remember When the Republican Party was…

Posted 11/22/2018

Do you remember when the Republican Party was the “Law and Order Party”?

The Republican party always claimed to be the “Law and Order Party”, but in 2016, that same Republican Party, nominated a man for President, Donald J. Trump, who now trashes the FBI, the CIA, Federal Judges, and our entire Judicial System.

Trump paid a 25 Million Dollar settlement when he was sued for FRAUD, and has now named as acting Attorney General, a man who himself, was recently involved with a company, that paid a 26 Million Dollar Fine, for also committing FRAUD. 

In addition, Mr. Trump is being investigated for violations of the Emoluments Clause, violations of Election Finance Laws, Obstruction of Justice, Money Laundering,  and Tax Evasion. 

In addition, after being shown proof that Saudi Arabia, murdered and dismembered a Washington Post Journalist, Trump refuses to take any action, because Saudi Arabia buys weapons from the United States.

How could a “Law and Order Party” nominate and support such a man?


Do You Remember when the Republican Party was worried about the National Debt? 

In 2016 the Republican Party nominated a man for President, Donald J. Trump, who promised to “Wipe-Out” the National Debt in eight (8) years.

To accomplish such a promise, the first step would obviously have to be balancing the budget, which Trump not been able to do. The second step would be to create budget surpluses to reduce the debt. Not only has Trump not been able to create surpluses, the National Debt has increased one (1) Trillion 830 Billion Dollars in the 22 Months Trump has been in office.

Trump Supporters say “Give him time, he still has six (6) years. OK, let’s do the math:

  • The National debt as of today is 21 Trillion 777 Billion
  • To “Wipe-Out” the National Debt, as he promised, Trump will now need  Budget Surpluses of (3) Trillion 630 Billion per year. 
  • The total of all Federal Revenues is 3.3 Trillion per year.
  • The total of all Federal Expenses is over (4) Trillion per year.

Let’s use easier math:

Question #1: If you were making $3,300 per month, and you had $4,000 per month in expenses, how could you save $3,630 per month, every month for (6) years?

Question #2: How could anyone who understands basic mathematics, believe that Trump’s promise to “Wipe-Out” the debt in (8) years was mathematically possible?

Question #3: How come the Republican Party, who has on several occasions, threatened to shut down the Government because of the National Debt, now stay quiet? The only time they threaten to shut the Government down now is because of the money Trump wants for a WALL that Trump promised Mexico would pay for.