Donald Trump and Michael Corleone

Posted 12/13/2018

I was reading the absolutely ridiculous tweets from Donald Trump about Michael Cohen. Last week, Trump called Cohen “Weak and Not Very Smart”, which begs the questions:

  1. Why would Donald Trump employ him to be his personal attorney for over ten (10) years if he was “Weak and Not Very Smart”?
  2. Why would Donald Trump promote him to Vice-President of The Trump Organization if he was Weak and Not Very Smart”?
  3. Why would the Republican Party make him the deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee if he was “Weak and Not Very Smart”?

This week, Donald Trump is blaming Michael Cohen for any illegal Campaign Finance violations that occurred. Trump claims that Cohen did not tell him they were illegal, and he did not know it was illegal, even though Cohen had told Trump, in a taped conversation, that they would need to set up a separate company, to use to make the payments from. This raises more questions:

  1. If it was legal, why did Trump agree to set up a separate company to run the payments through instead of simply writing a check out of the Trump Corporation accounts?
  2. If it was legal, why did Trump spend a year claiming that it never happened?
  3. If it was legal, why didn’t Trump include the payments on his Campaign Finance statements?
  4. Why would Donald Trump agree to a plan designed by someone who was “Weak and Not Very Smart”

I watched the Godfather for the 300th time, and there is a scene where Michael Corleone explains his plan to kill Captain McLuskey and Virgin “The Turk” Sollozzo to Sonny Corleone, Clemenza, Tessio and Tom Haden. 

I have probably watched this movie over 300 times, but never in the movie have I heard Tom Haden tell Michael Corleone that killing Sollozzo and McLuskey was illegal.

Does that mean that Michael Corleone is innocent too?