Donald Trump in 1492

Posted 11/16/18

Our Native American citizens could have used a man like Donald Trump in 1492, to warn them about the danger of letting European Immigrants into America.

Donald Trump aka Chief Orange Face, could have raised the awareness of our Native American Citizens. He would not have had the benefit of Twitter or other Social Media platforms, but he would probably have mastered the art of delivering his messages through “smoke signals”. Chief Orange Face would have most likely even figured out a way of sending these “smoke signals” in CAPS.

The messages from Chief Orange Face would have included the following warnings about European Immigrants:

  • European Countries are NOT sending their best.
  • They are bringing CRIME
  • They are RAPISTS
  • They will bring SLAVES
  • They will pollute our LAND, our WATER and our AIR
  • They will steal our LAND
  • They will force us to live on Reservations
  • They will suppress our right to VOTE
  • They will claim that THEY are the only true Americans, and other Immigrants should not be allowed into America.
  • They will go so far as to propose building a WALL to keep Immigrants from Mexico out by claiming that Mexico is NOT sending their best……..

Donald Trump aka Chief Orange Face, was simply 500 plus years to late. Our Native American Citizens could have used a man like Donald Trump in 1492 to save them from us.