Help Trump Stop the “Smoking Hoax”

Posted 11/24/18

Help get more Trump Supporters to start smoking cigarettes.

Donald Trump thinks that Global Warning is a HOAX, because he claims there are some scientists who do not believe it. Mr. Trump is correct, only 97% of scientists believe that Global Warming is real, which means 3% of scientists do not.

I wonder if Donald Trump believes, that since the Tobacco Industry has said for years, cigarette smoking is not bad for you, maybe Trump thinks that Smoking Health Concerns are also a HOAX?

Donald Trump could sell the “Smoking Hoax” to his supporters. They will believe him when he tells them that smoking is good for them.

Listed below are a couple arguments he could use, to get his supporters to start smoking:

  • Liberals: He would obviously start by calling the perceived dangers of smoking a “Liberal Hoax” His supporters will definitely buy into this.
  • Productivity: 
    • How much longer does his supporters have to wait for their food in a restaurant, because the cook is outside, sitting on a milk crate, smoking a cigarette, when he or she could be cooking their food with a cigarette hanging out of his or her mouth?
    • How much time is lost when workers have to go outside once an hour to have a cigarette? They could increase productivity 15% by letting smokers smoke in their work areas, their offices, and in meetings.
    • If they were having Open Heart Surgery, would they really want the Doctor to take a break to go have a cigarette?
  • Taxes: 
    • How much more revenue could State and Local Governments generate, if we could get more Trump Supporters to start smoking?
  • Social Security: 
    • How much money could the Government save in Social Security payments if more Trump Supporters smoked and as a result, died sooner?
  • Reduce Fights:
    • Instead of banning cigarettes in Bars, maybe we should ban Alcohol in bars. Just think about it. When was the last time you witnessed a Bar Fight that was caused by someone having “One to many Cigarettes”?

I think Donald Trump could get his supporters to believe that the alleged dangers of smoking are just a “Liberal Hoax”. After all, he did convince them that he was qualified to be President.