My Manafort Conspiracy Theory

Original Post Updated 11/28/2018

Finding out that Paul Manafort was funneling information about what Robert Mueller knew and did not know about the Trump Crime Family’s involvement in Russia’s meddling into the 2016 Presidential election, and Trump telling the New York Post today that a PARDON for Manafort is “NOT OFF THE TABLE”, fits quite nicely into My Manafort Conspiracy Theory” below.

My Manafort Conspiracy Theory:

Posted 11/27/2018

Yesterday, 11/26/2018 Robert Mueller claimed that Paul Manafortlied to the Feds and Violated his Plea Agreement with them. Mueller has now revoked the Plea Agreement deal.

News Channels appeared to be shocked by this new development, however, I believe that this is exactly what Donald Trump and Paul Manafort had wanted, since a federal jury in Virginia convicted Manafort on eight (8) counts in his first trail, and sentenced him to 7-10 years in prison, which he is currently serving.

I believe:

  1. After Manafort lost his first trial, Donald Trump offered him a Pardon. There was no point in offering the Pardon before, since Manafort had not yet been convicted of anything yet.
  2. The Trump agreement to Pardon Manafort included a plan for Manafort to reach a Plea Deal arrangement with Robert Mueller with the intention all along of lying to the Feds, forcing Mueller to call out Manafort for lying, and revoking the Plea Agreement.
  3. By Mueller calling Manafort a liar, Mueller can not longer use Manafort as a “credible” witness against Trump, which is what Trump was trying to accomplish all along.
  4. The next step, if my theory is correct, will be for Trump to issue Manafort a Pardon, since Manafort now faces decades in prison.
  5. Manafort would then be released from prison.

Items 1-3 appear to now have been accomplished. Will Trump now Pardon Manafort?

If Manafort agrees to accept the Pardon, he then loses his 5th amendment rights and can be forced to testify before Grand Juries, however, since his credibility is in serious question, how effective can he be?

Even if Manafort gets convicted of lying to the Grand Jury, which he would do, the penalty for that would be far less than the decades in prison he now faces.

It’s your move Trump.