Poor James Comey

Posted 11/30/2018

It was not enough that James Comey handed Donald Trump the 2016 Presidential Election, by announcing that he was re-opening the Clinton e-mail investigation (2) weeks before the election, and at the same time, not announcing that there was an investigation into the Trump Campaign’s involvement with Russia.

Comey closed, for a second time, the investigation into the Clinton e-mails (1) week later, but still neglected to share the fact, that the Trump Campaign was under investigation, with the American Voters.

Instead of kissing Comey’s ass for screwing Hillary Clinton, and handing Trump the Presidential Election, Donald Trump, in an effort to Obstruct Justice, decided to fire Comey for refusing to shut down the Flynn Investigation. 

Michael Flynn, who Trump selected to be his National Security Adviser, ended up pleading guilty. I will never understand why Donald Trump tried so hard to protect someone who turned out to be a Foreign Agent for another country or why Trump selected a Foreign Agent to be his National Security Adviser.

Comey should not feel alone though. Jeff Sessions also refused Donald Trump’s attempts to Obstruct Justice, and was publicly ridiculed by Trump for almost (2) years, until Trump finally forced him to resign.

James Comey has been subpoenaed by the Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight Committee to testify next week. James Comey has requested that this hearing be held in public, but the Republicans insist on making this a closed door hearing. You gotta wonder why the Republicans are afraid of a public hearing.

There are really only (3) possible subjects for this hearing:

  1. They could pin a medal on Comey for being such a great public servant, but this appears to be highly unlikely. 
  2. They could re-open the Hillary Clinton Investigation, because Republicans have only investigated her for 25 years, and they still have nothing to show for it, except them holding their “tiny dicks” in their hands.
  3. They could ask him on what basis did he feel he had the right, to stop Donald Trump from Obstructing Justice.

Poor James Comey might be the most hated person in America:

  • The Democrats hate him for screwing Hillary Clinton out of the 2016 Presidential election
  • The Republicans hate him because he refused to allow Donald Trump to Obstruct Justice.

Should be a very interesting hearing next week. It is sad that Republicans will not allow us to see it.