Russian Sanctions and Trump Tower Moscow

Posted 12/01/2018

It was during and event in July 2015 when, while campaigning for the Republican Presidential Nomination, Donald Trump was first asked about his feelings about the Sanctions President Obama had placed on Russia. In response, Mr. Trump indicated that he felt that he could have a good relationship with Vladimir Putin, and that sanctions should not be needed.

Of course at that time, there were several things we did not know:

  1. The person that Trump had selected to ask him the question, was Maria Butina, who is currently charged with conspiracy, and acting as an unregistered Foreign Agent for Russia.
  2. Mr. Trump was actively working on the Trump Tower Moscow project. 
  3. Financing for the Trump Tower Moscow project had been approved by VTB Bank, a Russian State Owned Bank, which because of the Russian Sanctions, Trump could not do business with, until those sanctions were removed.

Was Mr. Trump’s feeling about the Russian Sanctions, influenced by his proposed Trump Tower Moscow deal, whose financing depended on those sanctions being removed?

Michael Flynn, who was Mr. Trump’s first National Security Adviser, plead guilty for lying to the FBI. What Mr. Flynn had lied about, was the fact that he did in fact reach out and talk to Russia about the lifting of sanctions, during the transition period. He had testified to the FBI that he had not.

The Michael Flynn Guilty plea, created a problem for his Deputy National Security Adviser, KT McFarland, who had also told the FBI that the subject of sanctions were never brought up during their talks with Russia. After Flynn plead guilty, she quickly contacted the FBI to tell them that she was mistaken when she claimed that the subject of Russian sanctions had never come up.

The question that many people have asked is, why did Flynn lie about talking to Russia about the sanctions? While technically a violation of the “Logan Act”, no one ever gets convicted for it, and it was not a totally outrageous act for a transition team.

Did Michael Flynn lie to the FBI to protect Donald Trump from being exposed for securing financing from Russian Owned VTB which was a sanctioned Bank? And, does this explain why Donald Trump pressured James Comey so hard to stop the investigation into Michael Flynn?

Even though Mr. Trump had signed a “Letter of Intent” for the Trump Tower Moscow project, he claimed that all consideration of that project ended in January 2018. However the recent Plead Agreement that Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen has agreed to, states that work on the Trump Moscow Tower project continued into June 2016.

Question: What else happened in June 2016? 

Answer: In June 2016 it was reported that Russia had hacked into the DNC computers.

However, why would the Trump Tower Moscow project have to be scraped, because Russia hacked the DNC computers? What does one have to do with the other?

Is it possible that these are connected?

What did Russia know:

  1. Russia knew about the Trump Tower Moscow project.
  2. Russia knew that Trump had lied about it.
  3. Russia knew about the financing of the Trump Tower Moscow through a sanctioned bank.
  4. Russia knew that Trump did not want to be exposed obtaining financing from a Russian sanctioned bank, especially since he had campaigned to have those sanctions removed.
  5. Russia knew that Trump was now compromised.
  6. Russia knew that they now owned him.

If Russia’s first step, was to find compromised candidate, they certainly had one with Donald Trump.

If Russia’s second step, was to help get their compromised candidate elected, that would be when the hacking of the DNC, the release of e-mails by WikiLeaksa and the Russian Social Media attacks would come into play.

Michael Flynn is scheduled to be sentenced this week. The supporting documentation that the Special Prosecutors office will submit, should provide us with more details. This should be very interesting.