Posted 11/11/18

TrumpGate vs. WaterGate:

Watching the Senate Watergate hearings in 1974 was something that I enjoyed. I felt that Nixon had done everything he could think of to Obstruct the Watergate investigation, so finally watching Nixon announce his resignation was priceless to me.

As much as I enjoyed that, I think watching the TrumpGate hearing in the House, are going to be even more entertaining.

Before these hearing even start, Trump’s National Security Adviser, his Campaign Manager, his Deputy Campaign Manager and his Personal Attorney have either plead guilty or have been convicted in court, and all of them are now co-operating with Federal Prosecutors.

However, like Nixon, Trump appears to be doing everything he can to stop the investigation, which he calls a Hoax and a Witch Hunt.

In the beginning of the investigation, Trump said he would 100% be willing to meet with Special Council Robert Mueller under oath, but has since recanted that promise.

So, one needs to ask:

  • Why would someone who claims to be innocent, not want the opportunity to clear his name?
  • Why is Trump more willing to attack the investigation instead of attacking the evidence?

Trump now complains that people are “Guilty until Proven Innocent”, however he seems to forget that he called Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary” during the campaign even though she has never been charged with a crime.

In any event, I am getting a lot of popcorn, and I will enjoy watching the Trump Crime Family hearings.

Trump loves great TV ratings, so he should love this.