Trump’s “Guilty till Proven Innocent” Complaint

Posted 12/06/2018

When Brett Kavanaugh was accused of Sexual Assault during his confirmation hearings, Donald Trump complained that Kavanaugh was being considered “Guilty until proven Innocent”

Donald Trump has used the complaint, that the Media considers people “Guilty until proven Innocent” on several occasions, however he does not call himself out for doing the same thing.

In 1989 Donald Trump took out a full page ad in New York Newspapers declaring the “Central Park 5” Guilty and demanding that they receive the death penalty. When DNA evidence proved that they were innocent, Trump refused to change his opinion.

After the 2016 Election, Trump claimed that Democrats were guilty of “Voter Fraud”. He even created the  “Trump Voter Fraud Commission” to investigate the claims that Trump had already declared the Democrats of being Guilty of.

The  “Trump Voter Fraud Commission” was dismantled after it was not able to find any serious Voter Fraud. They did however, find several Trump voters who has voted twice. Trump, of course, never apologized for declaring the Democrats of being “Guilty until proven Innocent”.

Once again, in 2018, Trump claimed Democratic Voter Fraud, he accused Democrats of voting, then changing their clothes and voting again, even though he has not provided any evidence. Once again, Trump said that the Democrats were “Guilty until proven Innocent”.

It is a very ironic, that the biggest likelihood of Voter Fraud in 2018 was committed by the Republicans in North Carolina. The North Carolina Secretary Of State has refused to certify the elections because of Voter Fraud evidence, including evidence that Republicans paid people to go door to door collecting absentee ballots. In several cases one person witnessed the signatures of 40-50 voters, and many of the absentee ballots cast for the Democratic Candidates were never actually handed in.

Another indicator that Trump is hypocritical about his “Guilty until proven Innocent” complaint lies in the manner in which he treated Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

The Republicans have investigated Hillary for 25 years. She could well be the most investigated person on the planet. However, after 25 years of investigations, Hillary has never once been charged with a crime. So, when Trump repeated called her “Crooked Hillary” during the campaign, was he saying she was “Guilty until proven innocent?