Using Trump Logic With My Wife

Posted 12/21/2018

I told my wife that I wanted a new fence around our property. I got a couple estimates and selected one for $4,600.00. My wife told me that $4,600 was to much money to pay for a fence, but she agree, when I told her that our neighbors would pay for the fence.

She was very excited about our neighbors paying for the fence, and every time I said “Who is paying for the fence?” she chanted, “OUR NEIGHBORS WILL PAY”, “OUR NEIGHBORS WILL PAY”.

The big day came, and our new fence was installed. My wife was confused however, when I wrote the Company that installed the fence a check for $4,600. She said, you told me “OUR NEIGHBORS WILL PAY”, to which I replied that they will, and I explained to her how they would:

“Our neighbors have trees, and their trees have leaves. Every year we have to pay to have the leaves from their trees, that blow into our yard removed. The money that we will save because the fence will block the leaves from blowing into our yard will “indirectly” pay for the fence.”

She told me that I was dumber than a box of rocks, but she did say that Donald Trump would be proud.