Trump 2020 Talking Points: National Debt

The objective of this post is to prepare Trump Supporters for anticipated questions they may have to answer concerning the National Debt. With each question, I have added a possible answer, but Trump Supporters may need to improve on the answers I provided, because I struggled with the answers.

Question #1: During the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Donald Trump promised to “Wipe-Out” the National Debt. However, during Trump’s first 42 months in office, Trump has increased the National Debt by over SIX (6) TRILLION 600 BILLION DOLLARS. This increase represents the largest National Debt increase of any leader, of any country, at any time during a 42 month period. Can you explain how this happened?

Possible Answer: Our country was attacked by the COVID-19 VIRUS.

Question #2: It is true that the country was attacked by the COVID-19 Virus, however, Trump had increased the National Debt by well over THREE (3) TRILLION DOLLARS before the COVID-19 Virus was even discovered. Can you explain how this happened?

Possible Answer: We gave Americans the largest Tax Cut in History.

Question #3: Trump says his Tax Cut was the largest in history, however, his tax cut was .9% of our total GDP, and Reagan’s 1981 tax cut was 2.89% of total GDP. In fact, the Trump Tax cut was the 8th largest Tax Cut in history, not the largest. In addition, Trump said the Tax Cut would spur enough economic growth to offset the revenue lost though the Tax Cuts, with the additional taxes collected from the increased economic growth the Tax cuts would generate. Why didn’t this happen?

Possible Answer: Before we were attacked by the COVID-19 Virus, we had a Booming Economy.

Question #4: If we had what you refer to as a “Booming Economy” before the COVID-19 Virus, why did the country lose over THREE (3) TRILLION DOLLARS during that same period of time?

Possible Answer: I’d like to new question please.

Question #5: OK, let me ask it another way. If you could not balance the Budget during your “Booming Economy”, when would you be able to balance the budget?

Possible Answer: I’d like to phone a friend please.


  1. Trump promised to “Wipe-Out” the National Debt.
  2. Trump instead has raised the National Debt over SIX TRILLION DOLLARS.
  3. As a private citizen, it took Trump 10 years to lose his first BILLION DOLLARS.
  4. Trump now loses our Country over FIVE (5) BILLION DOLLARS PER DAY.
  5. Why did people think a person who went bankrupt SIX (6) times could manage our money?

Trump 2020 Talking Points: COVID-19

The objective of this post is to “Load The Lips” of Trump Supporters, so they can be better prepared when they are questioned about Donald Trump’s response to the COVID-19 Virus.

As a Trump supporter you will take some heat this week, since it has now been discovered that Trump intentionally ignored the dangers of COVID-19, because he thought the Virus would stay only in Blue States, which are not “His People”. Trump believed he could score a political victory by allowing the people in Blue States to die, and then blaming it all on the Democratic Governors. This is why he never had a National Plan to defeat Covid-19, and continually said it was up to the states to handle it.

Obviously, as a Trump Supporter you can NEVER ADMIT that Trump did not care if the people in Blue States died. Instead you must point to Trump’s China Travel Ban as proof that Trump did care. Since there are not many people who know that over 40,000 people traveled to the USA from China AFTER the China Travel Ban, you should be able to get away with this spin.

In addition, since most people do not realize that the Northeast States were infected by people who traveled to the USA from European countries, you should not have to worry about that, and continue to focus on the failed China Travel Ban.

When you are asked why the USA has only 4.2% of the world’s population, but has 26.4% of the world’s COVID-19 Cases, just keep claiming that it is because the USA does more testing than other countries. Everyone knows that COVID-19 Testing causes people to become infected with the COVID-19 Virus, just like everyone knows that Pregnancy Tests cause women to get pregnant, and Breast examinations cause women to get breast cancer.

It might be more difficult for you to explain why the USA has 22.9% of the world’s COVID-19 deaths even though the USA only has 4.2% of the world’s population. When you are challenged by this fact, just spin it all back to the USA doing more testing than other countries, or simply say, other countries do not know their actual COVID-19 Deaths, because they did not test them. This could work.

Another avenue that you can take, is to blame Obama for not having COVID-19 tests available. Don’t let the fact that Obama left office three (3) years before COVID-19 was discovered, stop you from blaming it all on Obama.

You can also claim, as Trump has claimed, that Obama left the shelves in the National Stockpile empty. If someone asks you why Trump did not refill the shelves during his first three (3) years in office, simply say that Trump should not have had to, and that Obama should have known the COVID-19 Virus was coming three (3) years in advance.


  1. DO NOT ADMIT that Trump did not care if people in Blue States died.
  2. DO NOT ADMIT that the China Travel Ban still allowed another 40,000 people from China to enter the USA
  3. KEEP SAYING that COVID-19 Tests cause people to become infected with the COVID-19 Virus.
  4. BLAME OBAMA for everything.

Trump 2020 Talking Points: Mail-In Ballots

The objective of this post is to provide all Trump Supporters with talking points they can use while they promote Trump’s desire to stop or at least reduce the amount of “Mail-In” votes, and suppress voting in the 2020 election.

Donald Trump’s tweet yesterday, which suggested that the election be postponed was a Masterful move. By sending out this tweet, Trump was able to divert the attention of the news media away from his failure to confront Putin about Bounty money, his failed COVID-19 response, his decision to remove (at Putin’s request) American Troops from Germany, and the John Lewis funeral.

The News Media swallowed this Trump diversion all the way to it’s balls, which resulted in almost the entire press briefing yesterday filled with questions about his postponing the election tweet, and not Putin, Covid-19,Germany & Lewis.

Trump was allowed to talk almost exclusively about “Mail-In” ballots, which is what he wanted to talk about.

Why does Trump hate Mail-In Ballots, and Mail-In Ballot Talking Points:

  1. Mail-In Ballots make it easier for people to vote. The last thing Trump Supporters should want is to make it easier to vote.
  2. Even though there is NO DIFFERENCE between a Mail-In Ballot and an Absentee Ballot, as a Trump Supporter, you MUST NEVER admit that you know this. The objective is to place a cloud over the election process, which will open the door to litigating the results of the election if Trump was to lose.
  3. Even though there is no real evidence that Mail-In Ballots increase voter fraud, Trump Supporters MUST NEVER admit that they know this. Just stick to the Trump line, and keep claiming that allowing people to vote by mail will result in a Rigged and Fraudulent Election.
  4. While it is true that the GOP encouraging Republicans to Vote by Mail, Trump Supporters MUST NEVER admit this is happening.

Reducing the amount of Mail-In votes will dramatically help Trump win in 2020. In addition, the Trump campaign, with the help of Republicans, are also doing other things with the Election Process that will help Trump, such as:

  1. Reducing the amount of polling places in areas that lean Democratic. This will make it harder for Democrats to vote.
  2. Reducing and or eliminating early voting, which will result is longer lines at polling places on election day.
  3. Purging voter registrations, and removing Democratic leaning voter registrations from voter roles.



Trump 2020 Fool-Proof Talking Points For Trump Supporters To Debate With

It is important that all Trump Supporters are well versed with the Trump 2020 talking points, so that they are prepared for the political debates they will be involved in during the 2020 Presidential Campaign.

As a Trump Supporter, it is imperative that you can easily recite these talking points. Please study these, so that you can credit Donald Trump for his historic accomplishments.

One way to prepare could be Trump Supporters pretending that they just got on an elevator, and only have until the elevator reaches their desired floor to cover at least the bullet point of these historic Trump accomplishments. They could consider this their “elevator speech“.

  1. GDP: The United States Commerce Department today reported that the countries GDP dropped 32.9% in the 2nd quarter of 2020. This Trump historic accomplishment is more than three (3) times higher than any GDP drop in history. The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the broadest measure of our countries economic activity.
  2. UNEMPLOYMENT: The United States Bureau Of Labor Statistics today reported that over 50 Million people have filed for unemployment in 2020. This is another Trump Historic accomplishment. Never in history have so many Americans filed for unemployment in a six (6) month period.
  3. COVID-19 DEATHS: The United States has passed 150,000 COVID-19 Deaths in 2020. While the United States only has 4.2% of the World’s population, the United States has 22.9% of all the COVID-19 Deaths in the world. You can amplify this Trump Historic achievement by saying that “Never before, has someone done so much, with so little”. Trump only had 4.2% of the population, but was still able to have 22.9% of COVID-19 Deaths.
  4. NATIONAL DEBT: The Donald Trump Administration has raised the United States National Debt by SIX (6) TRILLION 633 BILLION DOLLARS in only 42 months and 10 Days. This is yet another historic achievement. Never before has a United States President lost so much money in such a short period of time. As a private citizen, it took Donald Trump TEN (10) years to lose his 1st BILLION DOLLARS, but now as President, he is losing our country over FIVE (5) BILLON DOLLARS PER DAY.

If Trump Supporters have more time, they can also mention these other Trump Accomplishments:

  1. Trump was the 1st President ever Impeached during his 1st term in office.
  2. Trump is the 1st President to ever have a member of his own political party vote to Convict him during his Impeachment Trial.
  3. Trump is the 1st President to get elected after filing for Bankruptcy SIX (6) times before running for any political office.
  4. Trump has the longest tax audit in the history of tax audits.
  5. Trump is the first President to believe the President of Russia is a better source of Intelligence than the United States Intelligence Department.
  6. Trump believes that the Revolutionary Army took control of the airports during the Revolutionary war.
  7. Trump informed us that since Puerto Rico is a island, it is surrounded by water, “Big Water”


These bullet points should “Load The Lips” of all Trump Supporters, so they can properly credit Donald Trump for his historic achievements.

Donald Trump Obituary Ideas

Donald Trump, the 1st President ever Impeached in his first term, was found dead this morning by his rumored lover Sean Hannity aka Hand-Job Hannity.

Neither Donald Trump or Sean Hannity had been seen in public for several years. They both stayed out of the public’s eye after they were released from prison for spreading Russian Propaganda Misinformation Campaigns.

They were both released from prison by President Jim Jordan, who had commuted their sentences right before President Jordan was Impeached and Removed from office for covering up the Sexual Assaults of members of the Ohio State wrestlers team, while he was an Assistant Coach at OSU.

Donald Trump is survived by his current wife Rosanne Barr, his son Donald, who moved to Russia in 2021, his son Eric, who was last seen sleeping in a homeless shelter, his son Barron, who has been in High School now for eight (8) years, and his daughter Ivanka, who won the Stormy Daniels Look-A-Like Contest in 2022, which awarded her the opportunity to star in a failed Adult Movie with Stormy called “The Mushroom Head”.

Not much is know about Donald Trump’s Education, since he had all of his school records lock away from public view.

Not much is know about Donald Trump’s Finances, since he blocked every attempt to disclose his tax returns, however, we do know that Donald Trump and Sean Hannity were last known to be Caddies at Mar-a-Lago, which Donald Trump had previously owned before his 8th Bankruptcy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that the Trump Presidency was the best four (4) years in Russia’s history, and still denies Russia helped elect Donald Trump, however, now when he denies it, he gives a little “wink”.

Donald Trump will be remembered for several achievements:

  1. Team Trump USA was in 1st Place in COVID-19 Cases
  2. Team Trump USA was in 1st Place in COVID-19 Deaths
  3. Team Trump USA raised the National Debt by over 6.5 Trillion Dollars in less than 4 years.

Donald Trump will be buried during a private ceremony. When visiting Trump’s grave, the public has been asked to please wash their hands after urinating.

Donald Trump’s Shocking Answer when asked about Rep. John Lewis

Yesterday 7/28/2020 while the body of Rep. John Lewis laid in the Rotunda of the United States Capitol, Donald Trump was asked: “Will you be going over to the Capitol to pay your respects?”

Trump answered: “NO I WILL NOT”

Trump has now refused to pay respects to War Hero and Senator John McCain, Rep. Elijah Cummings and Rep. John Lewis.

My Bucket List includes:

  1. Watching Donald Trump removed from office
  2. Outliving Donald Trump
  3. Celebrating at Donald Trump’s Funeral
  4. Enjoying Life once again in a Trump-Less America

80.6% of Trump’s Twitter Followers Never Thought A POTUS Would Say This

This poll was posted on the Twitter Profile of Donald Trump, so that his twitter followers could vote in this poll, if they wished to do so.

They were asked this question:

Did you ever think a POTUS would say “I wish her well” when referring to a Child Sex Trafficker?”

Here are the Final Results of the poll:

I wonder:

Is Ghislaine Maxwell is in the same cell that Jeffery Epstein was held it?

Is Ghislaine Maxwell’s life in any danger?

Is Donald Trump worried about what she might know?

Was the “I wish her well” statement meant to let her know that Donald Trump would either pardon her or commute her sentence if she does not talk?

I wonder

Are Trump’s Twitter Followers Trump Supporters? The Final Poll Results Are In.

This poll was posted on the twitter profile of Donald Trump, so that Trump’s Twitter Followers could vote, if they wished to.

Less than 4% of Trump’s Twitter Followers would admit that they are Trump Supporters.

96.3% said they WERE NOT Trump Supporters.

Take The “Am I A True Donald Trump Supporter Quiz”

Please answer YES or NO to the following questions. After you are finished you can total your score to see if you are a True Trump Supporter.

All YES Answers are worth 10 POINTS

All NO Answers are worth 0 Points

  1. Do you believe Donald Trump is above the law while he is in office? YES NO
  2. Do you believe Donald Trump should ignore his promise, and refuse to release his tax returns? YES NO
  3. Do you believe Donald Trump should welcome and accept the help from Russia and other Foreign Countries to win re-election? YES NO
  4. Do you believe Donald Trump made a good decision when he hired the Foreign Agent of another country to be his 2016 Campaign Manager, and another Foreign Agent to be his first National Security Advisor? YES NO
  5. Are MEN superior to WOMAN? YES NO
  6. Should MEN get paid more than WOMAN when they are doing the same job? YES NO
  7. Do you believe that Donald Trump should worry more about the Stock Market than the lives of the American People? YES NO
  8. Do you believe losing the United States SIX (6) TRILLION 595 BILLION DOLLARS in only 42 months is “Making America Great Again”? YES NO
  9. Do you believe that a person who went Bankrupt Six (6) times, is the perfect person to manage the American Taxpayer’s money? YES NO
  10. Did you believe Donald Trump when he said the Revolutionary Army took control of the Airports during the Revolutionary War? YES NO
  11. Did you believe Donald Trump when he said that Americans Invented the Wheel? YES NO
  12. Do you think Donald Trump did the right thing when he ignored warnings of the COVID-19 Virus coming to the USA, and failed to protect the American people? YES NO


Have you followed Donald Trump’s advice and ingested or injected Lysol or other disinfectants into your body to protect yourself from the COVID-19 VIRUS? YES NO


Award yourself 10 Points for each YES answer for questions 1-12

Add 30 Points to your score, if you answered YES to the Bonus Question.





30 Points or less: Why did you take this quiz? You should donate to the Biden Campaign and offer them your assistance.