The White House Leakers are coming through again. They have just released the tweets that Donald Trump plans to use in the 2020 campaign.

After being embarrassed by the disclosure that the only people who were spying on the Trump Campaign were the three (3) unregistered foreign agents (spies) that Donald Trump personally hired, an emergency meeting between Donald Trump and Fake Fox News was held.

During this meeting, Donald Trump aka The Lying King, Sean Hannity aka The Trump Puppet and Clueless Tucker Carlson discussed ideas Trump could use for his 2020 Campaign Tweets.

Here are some that they selected that Trump use:

  1. Everyone says that I am the Greatest President in the history of our country.
  2. I have “Wiped-Out” the National Debt, however the Fake News Media refuses to report it.
  3. As promised, we have successfully landed a man and a woman on Mars, and we have returned them to Earth. This was a secret mission. Their name are being withheld for National Security reasons.
  4. Every person running for the Democratic Presidential Nomination has called me and asked if they could be my Vice President.
  5. Every leader in the world has told me that they wish they could be as loved by their people as I am.
  6. I am much smarter than Albert Einstein.
  7. The leaders of all the largest technology companies often call me for tech advice.
  8. The only reason some men did not vote for me was because they were jealous that their wives want to have sex with me.
  9. I have never told a lie in my lifetime.
  10. I released 15 years of State and Federal Tax returns to the Democrats. It is not my fault that they lost them.

Some of The NRA’s Solutions to stop Gun Violence

If anyone who enters a bar or any business where liquor is served, are required to be in possession of a firearm.

If the person does not have a firearm, the bar or business where liquor is served, shall supply the person with an operational firearm.

If a person enters any place of business, such as a supermarket or theater that does not require their customers to carry firearms, they are not allowed to discharge their firearm, until all the other people in that place of business are allowed to quickly leave, and get their firearms. All people who leave, that own a firearm are required to come back. Anyone not owning a firearm, are NOT required to come back.


The NRA disputes the fact that there is more gun violence in the United States because more people in the United States own firearms. The NRA does not believe there is a connection between having more firearms and having more gun violence.

If fact, the NRA, which launders money for Russia, believes that MORE Guns will equal LESS Gun Violence.

Donations to the NRA may be made through the Re-Elect Putin & Trump Campaign.

Would Trump Have Vetoed…

Do you think Donald Trump would have vetoed The Civil Rights Act of 1964? This Act outlawed discrimination because of Race, Color, Religion, Sex or National Origin.

Do you think Donald Trump would have vetoed The Voting Rights Act of 1965? The objective of this act was to overcome State and Local barriers that prevented African Americans from exercising their right to vote.

Do you think Donald Trump would have vetoed The Clean Water Act (amended in 1972)? The Clean Water Act established the basic structure for regulating pollutant discharges into the waters of the United States. Gave EPA the authority to implement pollution control programs such as setting wastewater standards for industry.

Do you think if he was given the opportunity, Donald Trump would have vetoed The 19th Amendment? This amendment granted Women the right to vote.


If Donald Trump was alive during the Civil War, and did not dodge military service, which is a big if, do you think Trump would have fought to free the slaves or to keep slavery legal?

If Donald Trump have been alive during WWII, do you think he would have sided with the United States or with Germany?

When Donald Trump says something, do you automatically think that what he is saying is a LIE, or do you think about it for awhile, and then realize that he is LYING.

Has Anyone Considered The Possibility That Trump Is Not Really Smart?

Most people who are smart do not constantly tell people how smart they are, they usually prefer to show it. Donald Trump claims to be a genius, but he repeatedly says “I did not know” and provides incorrect information.

For Example:

  1. Trump claims that he did not know his new budget proposal eliminated all government funding for the Special Olympics.
  2. Trump has stated that he did did not know that Health Care was “so complicated”
  3. Trump received a deferment from the draft because of Bone Spurs, however he does not remember which foot he had bone spurs in.
  4. Trump insisted that he did not know that Trump University was not really a University, and also did not know he was committing Fraud on his students.
  5. Trump stated that his Vineyard in Virginia was 2,000 acres when he applied for financing, however it was actually 1,200 acres.
  6. Trump did not know that he selected as his National Security Adviser, a man, Michael Flynn, who was an unregistered foreign agent for another country, and allowed him access to the most classified government intelligence.
  7. Trump did not know that he hired a Campaign Manager for his Presidential Campaign, Paul Manafort, who was also an unregistered foreign agent for another country, and that Paul Manafort provided raw polling data from the campaign to Russia.
  8. Trump did not know that he had selected a man, Bijan Lian, to be on his Presidential Transition Team, who was as well, an unregistered foreign agent, that was allowed to assist selecting people for the Trump Administration, including but not limited to selection someone to run the CIA.
  9. Trump claimed while applying for financing, that his Trump Tower in NYC was 68 stories tall, however it actually was only 58 stories.
  10. Trump denied that he knew about any hush money payments being made to any women during the Campaign.
  11. Trump also had no knowledge of any business dealing in Russia even though he had signed a “letter of intent” for his Trump Tower Moscow Project, and had applied for financing through a bank under Sanctions by the United States government.
  12. Trump obviously did not know that he was supposed to be faithful to his wives while he was married to them.
  13. Trump obviously did not know anything about how to run a Casino. Has anyone ever bankrupt four (4) Casinos before?
  14. Trump did not know that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia was involved in the murder and dismemberment of a Washington Post journalist.
  15. Trump did not and still does not believe that Russia interfered with the 2016 Presidential election, even though the Mueller Report confirms it. Apparently, Trump cherry picks the items in the report that he believes to be true.

For a person who claims to have a high IQ and continually tries to convince everyone that he is smart, he sure does not know a lot of things.

My Apology To The Trump Team

Donald Trump, Sarah Sanders and the Right-Wing Media have demanded an apology for putting The Trump Team through the Mueller Investigation.

The following is my apology.

  1. To those members of the Trump Team who DID NOT have any contacts with Russia during the campaign and/or the transition period, to them I apologize.
  2. To those members of the Trump Team who DID NOT lie about having contacts with Russia during the campaign and/or the transition period, to them I apologize.
  3. To those members of the Trump Team who DID NOT encourage Russia to help Trump get elected, to them I apologize.
  4. To those members of the Trump Team who knew nothing about other Trump Team members meeting with Russians, lying about those contacts and encouraging Russia to help Trump get elected, to them I apologize.
  5. To those members of the Trump Team DID NOT know that Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and Bijan Kian were unregistered foreign agents for another country while they were working on the campaign, in the administration or during the transition, to them I apologize.
  6. To those members of the Trump Team who DID NOT know that Donald Trump was hiding and lying about his efforts to build a Trump Tower Moscow with the help of Russia during the campaign, to them I apologize.
  7. To those members of the Trump Team who DID NOT know that Donald Trump was hiding the fact that he had illegally secured financing for his Trump Tower Moscow project through a Bank that was Sanctioned by the United States, to them I apologize.
  8. To those members of the Trump Team who DID NOT know that they were being conned by a professional con-man and bullshit artist, to them I apologize, and feel bad for, because they were such idiots.

Donald Trump and Suddam Hussein

Donald Trump could have learned a good lesson about the dangers of lying from Suddam Hussein. Trump was lucky that his lies only exposed him to possibly losing his office and prison. Sudam’s lies brought him the death penalty.

Suddam Hussein encouraged the perception that he had Weapons Of Mass Destruction because he was afraid of looking weak in the eyes of Iran. He could have easily allowed UN inspectors in to search his country and prove he did not have WMDs. By advancing the lie, he caused the death of thousands of American and Iraq troops, civilians and of course himself.


Donald Trump, in an attempt to hide his Trump Tower Moscow Project, and the fact that he had secured financing from a Bank which was sanctioned by the American government, chose to lie about all of the contacts he and his people had with Russia during the election and the transition period.

When all of these contacts with Russia were exposed, Trump could have come come clean about the Trump Tower Moscow Project, but instead allowed the suspicion of Russian collusion to advance and grow. Now Trump claims that he was a victim.


Donald Trump can blame the lies

Donald Trump wants to blame everyone for the Mueller Investigation except the people who actually caused the investigation.

If Donald Trump and his people had not told so many lies about their contacts with Russia, he and they would not have looked so guilty.

Who Lied?

  1. Donald Trump Jr.
  2. Jared Kushner
  3. Roger Stone
  4. Michael Cohen
  5. Jeff Sessions
  6. Paul Manafort
  7. Michael Flynn
  8. Rick Gates
  9. KT McFarland
  10. Donald Trump

These are the people that Donald Trump should be blaming, but it really started with him.

If Donald Trump had not lied about his Trump Tower Moscow project during the campaign, all of these people would not have been put in a position that required them to lie for him to cover this up. However, all of these lies made them all look like they were colluding with Russia.

I was hoping that maybe Trump would have learned his lesson about lying, but the first thing Trump did was lie about what the Mueller report said. He claimed that he was “Totally Exonerated” by the report. The Mueller report actually said:

“while the report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also DOES NOT exonerate him.”

All of the lies told by Trump and his people cost our country a lot of time and money.

Unfortunately, the Trump Lies will continue.