Should some planned suicides be legal. Could there be benefits?

Under no circumstance am I encouraging anyone to commit suicide. There are some cases in which planning a suicide does have some merit, and maybe should be permitted by law. Maybe when the person has a terminal illness or maybe the person is elderly, and wants to leave on their own terms.

What could some of the benefits be:

  1. No longer would people get that shocking phone call informing them that a loved one has committed suicide, because they would have known in advance.
  2. No longer would people say “I wish I had said this, or I wish I had said that” to the person, because they would have had the opportunity to do so.
  3. No longer would people have to disrupt their lives to hurriedly prepare funeral arrangements. All of the arrangements could be set up in advance.
  4. No longer would family members have to fight over the deceased estate. Everything could be set up in advance. The person assets could all be turned over per the deceased wishes.
  5. Funerals cost more when they are not planned for. There is a financial benefit when these arrangements can be planned for in advance.
  6. Instead of having a memorial service, a celebration of life service could be arranged BEFORE the person passes away. This would give everyone the opportunity to say goodbye, and resolve any issues which may have existed.
  7. People who commit suicide, and just leave a note, are putting people who care about them through an extreme amount of additional pain which can be avoided.

I repeat, I am not encouraging anyone to commit suicide, nor am I planning to commit suicide myself. All I am doing is asking if a situation could exist where a person could be allowed to.

Please comment with any thoughts you may have pro or con.

Should we refuse Medical Care for Non-Vaccinated Covid-19 patients?

When people refuse to get vaccinated, they are making a choice. They have chosen to risk their lives. It is their decision. So I ask:

  1. Why should Medical staffs be forced to expose themselves to Non-Vaccinated Covid-19 patients?
  2. Why should Health Insurance companies be forced to pay for the Medical treatment provided to Non-Vaccinated patients?
  3. Why should Medicare be forced to pay for the Medical treatment provided to Non-Vaccinated patients?
  4. Why should Vaccinated people be forced to expose themselves to Non-Vaccinated people?

People who elect not to get vaccinated have decided to take the risk. They decided to gamble their health. Why should other people pay the price?

Smokers pay a higher health insurance premium than non-smokers, because they have decided to gamble their health. At the very least, Non-Vaccinated people should pay a much higher health insurance premium.

People who speed, drive recklessly, drive under the influence, and commit other traffic violations get ticketed, pay fines, sometimes lose their driver’s license, and as a result, their Auto insurance premiums increase, because they are a danger to themselves and other people. Non-Vaccinated people are a danger to themselves, and other people.

People have the right risk their lives, and refuse to get vaccinated, but they do not have the right to risk the lives of other people, and we definitely should not have to pay for their medical treatments if they become infected with Covid-19.

Are you a “True Republican” or just “Rhino” (Republican in name only)?

Award yourself 10 points for each question to which you reply “YES”

A Perfect Score is 200 points, but you can score an additional 20 points if you answer “YES” to the “BONUS QUESTION”.

220 points or above: You are aTRUE REPUBLICAN”.

180 points or less: You are a Rhino (A Republican in name only)

0 points: You are a “True American” You support Democracy. America needs more people like you.

  1. Dominion is suing Sidney Powell, because she claimed they rigged voting machines. Should the case be dismissed, because Powell’s defense is “No Reasonable Person would believe her claims were FACT”?
  2. Do you approve of Georgia Republican Governor, Brian Kemp making it a crime to provide water to an elderly person who has been waiting hours in line to VOTE?
  3. If Republican Matt Gaetz is found guilty of Child Sex Trafficking’s, should he be allowed to remain in Congress?
  4. Do you believe that Mr. Potter was the hero, and George Bailey was the bad person in It’s a Wonderful Life?
  5. Can the Republican Party still consider themselves the Party of Fiscal Responsibility after supporting Donald Trump, while Trump lost America eight (8) TRILLION DOLLARS in only four (4) years, which is the most money lost by any leader, of any country, in history in only four (4) years?
  6. Were you upset that Ebenezer Scrooge “sold-out” to the liberals at the end of The Christmas Carol?
  7. Do you believe that no person, especially a black person has the right to complain about Police Brutality?
  8. Do you believe that anyone who stormed the Capitol on January 6th was a HERO?
  9. Can the Republican Party still consider themselves the Party of Family Values after supporting Donald Trump, who cheated on all of his wives, paid hush money to porn stars and playboy models, and approved of men grabbing women by the pussies?
  10. Should Ron Johnson, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and the rest of the Republican party continue to spread the “BIG LIE” about the election being rigged?
  11. Should men, and only men decide what a woman can and can not do with her own body?
  12. If Republican Jim Jordan is found guilty of covering up Sexual Abuses at Ohio State, should he be allowed to remain in Congress?
  13. Should the Republican Party continue to use the BIG LIE as a reason to make it more difficult for people to VOTE?
  14. Should Joe Biden pardon Donald Trump and the entire Trump Crime Family for all of the crimes they committed?
  15. Even though you know Donald Trump is pocketing all of the “Save America PAC” donations, should Republicans continue to donate to him anyway?
  16. Do you believe Joe Biden should be IMPEACHED, because he created more American Jobs in one (1) month than Trump did in four (4) years?
  17. Should the seven (7) Republican Senators who voted to CONVICT TRUMP and REMOVE TRUMP from office be removed from office?
  18. Do you believe that Donald Trump did the right thing by not telling the American people how serious the pandemic was, and pretending it would just go away?
  19. Are you proud of the fact that Donald Trump is 1st American President to be Impeached twice?
  20. Can the Republican Party still consider themselves the Party of Law and Order after supporting Donald Trump while he Obstructed Justice and refused to comply with Subpoenas?
  21. Dr. Deborah Birx claims Donald Trump’s failures caused Hundreds of Thousands of additional deaths from the pandemic. Do you believe she is wrong?
  22. The “My Pillow Guy” says that Donald Trump will be back in office in August 2021. Do you believe him?


When Donald Trump suggested we inject or ingest disinfectants into our bodies, DID YOU DO IT?

Former Member of Trump’s Legal Team, Sidney Powell, admits Trump and his Supporters are not Reasonable People.

Sidney Powell is currently being sued by Dominion for accusing Dominion of “vote rigging” and “stealing the election”.

In her filed response to the lawsuit, Sidney Powell stated that the lawsuit should be dismissed because “NO REASONABLE PERSON” WOULD MISTAKE HER CLAIMS FOR “FACT”.

Donald Trump mistook her claims as “FACT”.

Rudy Giuliani mistook her claims as “FACT”

Senator Ted Cruz mistook her claims as “FACT”

Senator Josh Hawley mistook her claims as “FACT”

Senator Ron Johnson mistook her claims as “FACT”

Sean Hannity aka HandJobHannity mistook her claims as “FACT”

The Trump Terrorists who attacked the Capitol mistook her claims as “FACT”

Most Trump Supporters mistook her claims as “FACT”

IN FACT, all of the above mentioned people probably STILL mistake her claims as “FACT”

Sidney Powell is now saying that all of the above mentioned people are “NOT REASONABLE PEOPLE”

After all the damage that has been done to America by Sidney Powell’s false claims, does she really believe she can use the “Only Stupid People would have believed me” excuse?

Sidney Powell is just as responsible for the terrorist attack on the Capitol and the related deaths as Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Ron Johnson, Sean Hannity aka Hand-Job-Hannity, and the Trump Terrorists. They all should be criminally charged, prosecuted, convicted, and sent to prison.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott has lifted the mandate that required the people in Texas to wear facial masks in public places, but is hoping Texans will “Do The Right Thing”.

If saving lives is not enough motivation for Governor Greg Abbott to mandate the wearing of masks, and he is willing to gamble their lives on his belief that people will simply “Do The Right Thing”, a person must wonder what life would be like in the United States if he were the President.

Would President Abbott lift the mandates that require Americans to pay taxes, and simply hope people will “Do The Right Thing”?

Would President Abbott remove all of the traffic lights, and speed limits in the country, and simply hope people will “Do The Right Thing”?

Would President Abbott remove all laws forbidding air, water, and land pollution, and simply hope people will “Do The Right Thing”?


Donald Trump’s 1st interview after being released from prison.

Q: Mr. Trump, the video and audio tapes of you ordering the assassination of Vice President Mike Pence during the Capitol riot of 1/6/21 proved to be very damaging. Do you have any regrets about ordering Mr. Pence’s assassination?

A: Not at all. If his assassination had been successful, I would have been able to install a Vice President who would have been willing to pardon me for all of my crimes after I resigned. My only regret is selecting the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, and QAnon to pull off the assassination. They all turned out to be pussies, and stabbed me in the back after they got caught.

Q: Is it true that you are not allowed to see or communicate with Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and Rudy Giuliani?

A: Yes. The conditions of my parole forbid me from associating with any other convicted felons.

Q: It must have been very disappointing to learn that all of your family members agreed to a plea agreement in exchange for providing the Federal Prosecutors with the evidence needed to convict you.

A: I was disappointed with Ivanka. There was no need for her to talk about our “Special Times” together when she was a little girl. As far as Don Jr. and Eric, I’ve always known they were losers. They were just parasites living off of me.

Q: A lot of your MAGA Supporters are very upset with you because you conned then into donating money to your “Stop The Steal” campaign, and then you put all of that money in your own pocket.

A: I did not put a gun to their heads. I have been fleecing people out of their money all of my life. I have screwed over banks, contractors, charities and venders for over 50 years. All of this is public information, but in spite of this, they were stupid enough to donate to my fake “Stop the Steal” campaign. They have no one to blame except themselves for being so stupid.

Q: How were you treated by your fellow prisoners while you were incarcerated?

A: They all loved me. They said I was the greatest prisoner they ever spend time with.

Q: Are you saying there is no truth to the Rumer that you were physically assaulted shortly after being incarcerated?

A: OK, well there was a incident in the beginning when I got caught cheating at UNO. I thought it was just a game, and did not realize they took it so seriously.

Q: So you were physically assaulted?

A: All I will say is that I will NEVER cheat at UNO again.

Q: Is it true that Sean Hannity wrote to you every day and visited you often?

A: Yes. all of the guards called him “Hand-Job Hannity”.

Q: Why?

A: They had cameras in the rooms.

Q: Is it true you would not allow Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green visit you in prison?

A: YES, She is one crazy bitch. She should get together with Don Jr’s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle. They would make a perfect pair.

Q: You don’t like Kimberly Guilfoyle?

A: Did you see her at CPAC? I thought she was going to strip onstage. She is a scary looking woman, if she is a woman. If I was Don Jr. I would sleep with one eye open with her.

Q: Why did you cover-up the fact that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia ordered the murder of a American Journalist?

A: If you knew how much money the Saudi government has given the Trump Crime Family, you would understand.

Q: Will you run for office again?

A: Yes, Here are a few of my new Slogans:

Green Bay beat Tampa Bay Big! The Score was RIGGED by Trump! STOP THE STEAL

The NFC Championship Game between the Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which we saw on FOX was RIGGED by Donald Trump, because Florida voted for Trump and Tom Brady is a huge Trump supporter.

Many people who were at the game claim that the game we saw on FOX was not the actual game they saw in person. Actual game footage was replaced with FAKE Footage, and Fox adjusted the score to lead people to think Tampa Bay won the game.

This was the most RIGGED Football Game in History.

Fox awarded points scored by Green Bay to Tampa Bay.

True Football Fans must March on FOX HEADQUARTERS and all FOX AFFILIATES to STOP THE STEAL before the Super Bowl is played.

Stop The Steal 3 X 5 ft Trump Flag | eBay

NOW FORMING: The Trump Patriot Party.

The Trump Patriot Party is being formed to allow those Republicans, who are pissed at the Republican Party for stabbing Donald Trump in the back, a Political Party that will be sympathetic to their views.

Forty Republican Senators chose to put the U.S. Constitution over Donald Trump, by certifying the Election for Joe Biden. This is unacceptable behavior, and these Republicans must pay for this outrageous act.

The Trump Patriot Party is a perfect venue for people from Maga and QAnon to promote their Fake Conspiracy Theories.

The objective of the Trump Patriot Party is to:

  1. Remove Republicans for the House and the Senate
  2. Destroy Democracy in America.
  3. Replace the U.S. Constitution with the Trump Patriot Party Constitution #TPPC.
  4. Advance Misinformation Campaign created by the Russian Security Services.
  5. Propel Fake Conspiracy Theories.
  6. Make America White Again #MAWA


The recent resignations of Betsy DeVos and Elaine Chao have shaken up the Trump Team Elimination Brackets. Of the “Original 32” Top Trump Administration officials, there are only three (3) remaining.

Stephen Mnuchin has won the “HandJob Hannity” Division, and has advanced to the finals. Mnuchin will face the winner of the “Golden Shower Boy” Division. Currently Wilber Ross and Ben Carson have made it to the Semi-Finals in the “Golden Shower Boy Division, and the winner will face Mnuchin in the Finals.

With only three (3) of the “Original 32” Trump Administration Officials remaining, Trump has now lost 90.6% of his original “Best People”.

However, the Trump Administration turnover rate is actually much higher, because after losing a member of his “Original 32”, Trump has repeatedly replaced their replacements. Trump is now on his 4th Attorney General, his 4th Chief of Staff, and his 4th Press Secretary. Trump has also filled other Administration positions numerous times.

With only a couple days left in the Trump Administration, there is a chance that all three (3) Mnuchin, Ross and Carson will make it to the end.