Did Donald Trump have William Barr Kill Jeffery Epstein?

There are many strange and unanswered questions involving the death of Jeffery Epstein, while Epstein was in the Federal Prison system, under the control of William Barr. How does a high profile prisoner like Jeffery Epstein who had been under a “suicide watch” commit suicide? Why were two (2) Correctional Officers charged with falsifying prison records on the night of Epstein’s Death?

Did Donald Trump benefit from the death of Jeffery Epstein? Was Trump in danger of Epstein testifying against Trump about sex trafficking and Sexual Assaults? We know that a women claims she was raped by Donald Trump when she was 13 years old in Epstein’s Manhattan home. Was Trump in danger of Epstein confirming this? We know that Trump and Epstein were friends for many years, before, during and after Epstein’s 2020 guilty plea to sexual crimes in Florida. We know that Trump & Epstein shared a long sexual history together including a 1992 “Calendar Girl” competition at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago where two dozen woman were flown in and Trump & Epstein were the only two men at the competition.

Trump even said: “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.” – Donald Trump, 2002.

One needs to ask, what was Trump referring to when he said “many of them are on the younger side”? Was Trump acknowledging that he knew Epstein was a pedophile? Would a trial of Epstein expose secrets of Donald Trump? Would Jeffery Epstein have flipped on Donald Trump?

Was Trump motivated to have Epstein Silenced, AND was William Barr the perfect person, in the perfect position to have Epstein murdered?

We all witnessed William Barr intercept the Mueller Report and intentionally falsely characterize it’s finding. The false narrative that Barr promoted about the Mueller Report allowed Trump to falsely claim total exoneration before the public could actually see the report.

We all witnessed William Barr assist Trump’s blocking of all eye-witness testimony before the House Impeachment Hearings. The blocking of eye-witness testimonies combined with the Republican Senators decision not to allow any witnesses at the Senate Impeachment Trial created a “perfect storm” of obstruction of justice.

In addition, we have all witnessed William Barr act more as Trump’s Defense Attorney than as the Attorney General of the United States.

It appears to me that Donald Trump was Motivated to have Epstein silenced, and it appears to me that if Trump gave William Barr the order, Barr would have executed the order.

Is anyone investigating this? Did William Barr block the investigation? Barr did say he would “get to the bottom of Epstein’s death, has anyone heard any updates to the investigation? Should Barr recuse himself from an investigation that might involve himself?

What are your thoughts?

Do you think Trump was involved in Epstein’s death?

Do you think Barr was involved in Epstein’s death or it’s cover up?

NEW POLL: Because Of Donald Trump, only 4.3% of voters believe Melania was NEVER a Prostitute

I am not saying that Melania Trump is now, or ever was a prostitute. I have no evidence that she is or ever was. However, the results of the attached poll, which I posted on Donald Trump’s Twitter account, indicate that only 4.3% of over 1,000 poll voters believe Melania NEVER was a prostitute.

I posted the poll on Donald Trump’s Twitter account, so that his supporters would be able to easily see the poll, and vote in the poll.

In our minds, our perceptions are our realities. So why do only 4.3% of the voters in this poll believe she was NEVER a prostitute?

The comments generated in the poll indicate that some people assume she was a prostitute because of all of the Nude pictures of her that flood the internet. Some people believe that when she married Donald Trump, she was marrying one of her clients. Several people believe that Jeffery Epstein originally brought her into the country, and she met Donald Trump while she was working for Epstein.

However, I believe that the perception of her once being a prostitute, is the result of her association with Donald Trump. Donald Trump has a history of paying women for sex. He paid 130K to Stormy, he paid 150K to a playboy model. He has been accused of sexual misconduct dozens of times, and his friendship with Jeff Epstein, who was charged with Federal sex-trafficking, could lead people to believe that maybe Melania did work for Epstein at one point.

If Melania never married Donald Trump, would anyone think she had been a prostitute? Probably not.

Do people think that every woman or man who is paid for nude modeling, is a prostitute? Probably not.

I believe Melania is a victim of the Donald Trump stench. Guilty by association.

There are people who believe Donald Trump is still her client. If he is, she is not being paid enough.

99% Of Voters Say “We Will Never Have A Day When Donald Trump Does Not Tell A Lie”

Below is the two (2) day poll question posted on Donald Trump’s Twitter profile. I posted this poll question on Trump’s profile, so that all of his Twitter followers would have the opportunity to see it, and to vote.

To: @realDonaldTrump


YES 1%

NO 99%

210 votes · Final results

Poll Question Posted at 12:49 PM · May 21, 2020

Donald Trump In 1492

Native Americans could have used a man like Donald Trump in 1492 to warn them of the dangers of allowing people from European Countries entering America.

Donald Trump aka “Chief Orange Face” would have used smoke signals, since Twitter was not yet available to communicate with his fellow Native Americans.

The smoke signal messages from “Chief Orange Face” would have said:

  1. European Countries are not sending their best.
  2. The people from European Countries will steal our Land. (They did)
  3. The people from European Countries will bring Crime. (They did)
  4. The people from European Countries will bring Slavery. (They did)
  5. The people from European Countries will pollute our water, our air and our land. (They did)
  6. The people from European Countries will force us to live on Reservations. (They did)
  7. We need to “Build Walls” along the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
  8. We need to “Build Walls” along our Northern and Southern Borders.

Chief Orange Faces’ Slogan would have been: “America for Native Americans Only”

Native Americans could have used “Chief Orange Face” in 1492. He would have been the correct person with the right ideas at that time, but he was about 500 years to late to help them.

The United States Of America with nothing but Donald Trumps

What would the United States of America look like if every American was exactly like Donald Trump?

  1. Every American would love Russia and Vladimir Putin.
  2. Every American would “Fall In Love” with the Dictator of North Korea.
  3. Every American would get married three (3) times, and get divorced twice.
  4. Every American would cheat on 100% of their spouses.
  5. Every American would have five (5) children, and walk out on four (4) of them.
  6. Every American would have sex with Porn Stars and Playboy models.
  7. Every American would be accused of Sexual Assault dozens of times.
  8. Every American would have an Attorney General of the United States in their back pocket to shield them from all criminal charges.
  9. Every American would go Bankrupt six (6) times.
  10. Every American would hire Undocumented Illegal Immigrants.
  11. Every American would be obese.
  12. Every American would deny today, something that they said yesterday, and lie tomorrow about something they said today.
  13. Every American would Obstruct Justice.
  14. Every American would ignore subpoenas.
  15. Every American would spend over 100 million dollars of taxpayer money on golfing trips.
  16. Every American would dodge any draft called for by the Country.
  17. Every American would trade the lives of other Americans for their own political benefit.
  18. Every American would insult Prisoners of War.
  19. Every American would believe that men are superior to woman.
  20. Every American would believe that men should be paid more than women.
  21. Every American would raise the National Debt by five (5) TRILLION 300 BILLION dollars every 40 months.
  22. Every American would be Unconsciously Incompetent. They would be Incompetent, but not know they are Incompetent, which as in the case of Donald Trump, can be very dangerous.
  23. Every American would be Impeached Forever.

Every American would believe the aforementioned list would Make America Great Again (MAGA)

New Poll: 86.4% said Donald Trump is more interested in being Re-elected than Saving Lives

On May 15, 2020, I posted a poll question on Donald Trump’s twitter profile, which is: @realdonaldtrump. I chose to post the poll question on his profile in an attempt to allow his supporters to see the poll question and vote.


The Poll ran for two (2) days and I also retweeted the poll to Donald Trump’s twitter profile, to once again allow his supporters to see the poll question and vote.


86.4% of those who voted said Donald Trump was more interested in being re-elected than saving lives.

13.6% of those who voted said Donald Trump was more interested in saving lives than being re-elected.

I realize that it is hard to believe that 13.6% of the voters in this poll actually believe that Donald Trump is more interested in saving lives than his re-election.

You can view the results of this poll on my twitter profile, which is: dennis0805a

How you can help Donald Trump reach his goal of 100,000 COVID-19 Deaths by June 1, 2020.

  1. Watch Fox News: More specifically, believe the lies and propaganda spread by Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobbs and Tucker Carlson. These Fox News Hosts have been a great help towards increasing the number of COVID-19 Deaths in the United States, and their efforts have helped propel Team Trump to 1st place in the world in both COVID-19 Cases and COVID-19 Deaths.
  2. Ignore Dr. Anthony Fauci: Dr Fauci is more interested in saving lives than helping Donald Trump reach his goal on 100,000 COVID-19 Deaths by June 1, 2020. Trump has declared that the recommendations provided by Dr. Fauci are “unacceptable”.
  3. Do Not Wear Masks: Donald Trump claims that wearing a mask is a sign of weakness. Wearing a mask does not protect you, it only protects other people from you. Why should you give a shit about anyone else?
  4. Do Not Get Tested: The only purpose of having people tested, is to identify if you have COVID-19 Virus. If you have it, you have it. Why should you be forced to quarantine yourself? You already have it, you cannot have it twice at the same time. Enjoy it.
  5. Nursing Homes: If you have a elderly member of your family, that you were considering placing in a Nursing Home, this is the ideal time to do it. Bill O’Reilly said it best: “The elderly who die from the Virus were on their last leg anyway”.
  6. Trump Rallies: Trump is going to start having public rallies. You should attend as many of these as you can, especially if you already have the Covid-19 Virus. And of course, do not wear masks or any Personal Protection Equipment.
  7. Avoid Social Distancing: Join a Bowling Team, go to the gym, get on airplanes, go to concerts, hug everyone you meet, hug strangers, have twister contests. Get out of the house.
  8. Re-open all schools and businesses: This will be a huge help for Trump to reach his goal on 100,000 COVID-19 Deaths by June 1,2020. Children and workers can catch the virus at school or work, and bring it home, so their entire family can enjoy it.
  9. Die For The Dow: If you are a true Trump Supporter, you should be willing to Die For The Dow.