Republicans: Trump Has Never Told A Lie

40% of polled Republicans, claim that Donald Trump has NEVER told a LIE.

For them to believe that Trump has never told a lie, these Republicans must also believe ALL of the following:

  1. Mexico DID pay for the Wall.
  2. Trump DID release his Taxes.
  3. Trump DID NOT settle the Trump University Lawsuit.
  4. Trump DID NOT know he had signed a “letter of intent” for the Trump Moscow Tower.
  5. Trump’s inauguration attendance, WAS the largest in history.
  6. Trump DOES know more about TECHNOLOGY than ANYONE
  7. Trump DOES know more about ISIS than the Generals.
  8. Trump DID sue the woman who accused him of Sexual Misconduct during the election.
  9. Trump has NEVER golfed since taking office.
  10. Trump HAS “Wiped-Out” the National Debt.
  11. Trump DID “Lock Hillary Up”.
  12. Trump DID NOT benefit from the Tax Bill.
  13. Trump DID repeal ObamaCare.
  14. Trump DID NOT know payment was made to Stormy Daniels.
  15. Trump ALWAYS told his wives he was cheating on them.
  16. John McCain WAS NOT a War Hero.

40% of Republicans believe Trump has Never Told A Lie and all of the aforementioned items listed here, PLUS the over 8,000 other lies Trump has told.

This famous saying about gullibility is usually attributed to the well-known showman P. T. Barnum: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Donald Trump is the New P.T. Barnum.


  1. National Debt Hits 22 TRILLION DOLLARS
  2. National Debt Increases (2) TRILLION DOLLARS under TRUMP
  3. National Debt Increases 10% under TRUMP in only (2) years.

National Debt 2/13/2019: 22 TRILLION 16 BILLION DOLLARS

National Debt 1/20/2017: 19 TRILLION 947 BILLION DOLLARS

National Debt Increase under TRUMP: Two (2) TRILLION 69 BILLION DOLLARS

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump claimed that only he could “Wipe-Out” the National Debt, proving once again, that he is truly “Trump The Lying King”.

Increasing the National Debt by over Two (2) Trillion Dollars during what Trump refers to as a “Booming Economy”, proves once again, that Trump is truly “Trump The King Of Bankruptcy”.

Donald Trump getting people to believe that going bankrupt six (6) times, qualified him to manage the finances of the United States Of America, proves once again, that Trump is truly “Trump The Con-Artist”.

People who still support “The Trump Crime Family” prove this old saying is still true: “There is a Sucker born every minute”.

Lets Trade Trump Supporters For Immigrants

At this juncture, it is impossible for a Trump Supporter to claim that they do not know Donald Trump is working for the interests of Russia, and against the interests of the United States of America.

Not only do Trump Supporters know Donald Trump is a Russian Asset, they do not even care that he is, which makes them complicit in the Crimes the Trump Administration is committing against America.

So, on one hand, we have many people south of the border that want to come to America as Immigrants and they want to love America. On the other hand, we have many Trump Supporters in our country, that love Russia more than America.

Lets make a trade with Mexico!!! For every Immigrant they give us, we can give them a Trump Supporter. Hell, we can give them several Trump Supporters for one Immigrant. After all, Native born Americans commit crimes at a higher rate than immigrants.

The problem with this idea is that Mexico probably does not want any Trump Supporters coming to Mexico. In fact, they may be so opposed to this idea, that they might BUILD A WALL to keep Trump Supporters out.

Just Let Trump Say He Is Building The Wall. He Just Needs To Say He Is.

Trump has failed on numerous occasions to get his Border Wall built.

ATTEMPT # 1: First he campaigned on the promise that Mexico would pay for the wall, so when Mexico refused, and told Trump he can shove his Wall up his ass, Trump had failed his first attempt at getting his Wall.

ATTEMPT # 2: Trump then tried to convince the American Taxpayers that the Wall would be paid for by the increased revenues generated from the USMCA trade agreement. The American Taxes quickly realized that IF any increased revenues were generated from the trade deal, which has not even been approved yet, that revenue would not go directly to the government, but to the companies doing business with Mexico and Canada.

ATTEMPT # 3: Having failed twice, Trump then decided he would force Congress to provide him the money for his Wall by threatening to Shut Down the government, which is exactly what he did. Trump shutdown the government for 35 days, which is the longest government shutdown in the history of our country, and he still does not have the money to build his Wall.

PROPOSED ATTEMPT # 4: Trump now is considering two (2) options:

  1. Shutting down the government again, which will be the forth government shutdown since he took office.
  2. Declaring the Southern Border a National Security Crisis.

The problem with shutting down the government again is the fact that his last shutdown did not accomplish anything except damaging the economy, inflicting pain on Federal Workers, and putting airline passenger safety at great risk.

The problem with declaring the Southern Border a National Security Threat is the fact that this action might not stand up in court, since our countries’ Intelligence Chiefs did not identify the Southern Border as being a crisis during their testimony before the US Senate last week. In addition, like Senator Rubio warned, “Are you ready for the next Democratic President to declare Climate Change as a National Security threat?” God forbid, that a President would actually call something that IS a National Security Threat what it really is.

We can all help Trump solve this Border Wall issue without spending a penny.

Last week, Trump claimed that the Wall was “Being Built” even though no money has been appropriated for it. Trump was simply claiming that the existing Walls and Fences that are either being repaired or replaced are his “New Wall”. He lied, everyone knew he was lying, and he knew that everyone knew he was lying. That is when the answer became so obviously clear to me. Trump does not actually need to build the Wall, he only needs to be able to say that he did.


  1. Allow Mr. Trump to announce that THE WALL HAS BEEN BUILT OR IS BEING BUILT!!!
  2. Both the Republicans and Democrats should feet applaud Trump for building the Wall.
  3. Newspapers should put “TRUMP IS BUILDING THE WALL” on the front pages of their newspapers.
  4. All TV Networks should run “TRUMP IS BUILDING THE WALL” as BREAKING NEWS across the bottom of their screens. This should run Non-Stop for several days.
  5. We should all send a tweet to Trump congratulating him for BUILDING THE WALL.

This plan will work. Trump can easily convince himself that he won. If there is One Thing that Trump is good at, it is Mentally Masturbating himself and taking credit for things he has not actually done.


National Debt Today 1/31/2019: 21 Trillion 968 Billion Dollars

National Debt 1/20/2017: 19 Trillion 947 Billion Dollars

The National Debt has now increased by (2) TRILLION 21 BILLION DOLLARS, since Donald Trump took office.

  1. Since Trump Campaigned to “Wipe-Out” the National Debt in eight (8) years, how will he accomplish this, if the National Debt continues to increase every year?
  2. If Donald Trump cannot even Balance the Budget during what he calls a “Booming Economy” when will he be able to do it?
  3. Do you think that Donald Trump, giving the largest portion of the recent Tax Cut Bill to the wealthiest people, was an effective way to reduce the National Debt?
  4. Would you seek financial help from someone who went Bankrupt six (6) times?
  5. There have now been (3) Government Shutdowns since Trump took office. The current shutdown is the longest in history, but what did we really expect? Trump has a tremendous amount of experience with shutting things down.

Sources: U.S.National Debt Clock and The Congressional Budget Office

If There Is Nothing To Hide, Why All The Lies?

When Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin meet in private, why is the Russian Government allowed to know everything that they talked about, but the American Government is not?

If There Is Nothing To Hide, Why All The Lies?

Mr. Trump has repeatedly called the Mueller investigation a Witch Hunt, a Hoax, Fake and Rigged. Mr. Trump has also refused to testify under oath before Special Council Robert Mueller.

If There Is Nothing To Hide, Why All The Lies?

Why would any American President be opposed to an investigation whose purpose is to investigation the possible interference of an American Presidential Election by a foreign government?

If There Is Nothing To Hide, Why All The Lies?

Why did Mr. Trump lie about the fact that he was working The Trump Tower Moscow deal with Russia while he was a Presidential Candidate?

If There Is Nothing To Hide, Why All The Lies?