Does Trump Really Care About Immigration?

Posted 12/17/2018

Unless we are Native Americans, we are all either immigrants, or our families came here as immigrants. Apparently, we are saying that immigration was good for our families, but it is not good for anyone else. I guess we should all be thankful that Donald “Chief Orange Face” Trump was not running the country in 1492.

What or who is stopping us from finding a solution? What or who is the problem?

  1. Is it the Liars that are spreading false stories about immigrants?
  2. Is it the immigrants who are seeking asylum to avoid gang violence.
  3. Is it the Businesses that hire undocumented illegal immigrants?

The Liars:

We cannot have any conversation about “Liars” without talking about Donald Trump. Rudy Giuliani admitted that Trump is a liar to George Stephanopoulos this weekend. After Rudy claimed that Michael Cohen keeps changing his story, Stephanopoulos said “So does Trump” to which Giuliani responded “Yes, but he was not under oath”

In another interview, Trump claimed that ten (10) terrorists were recently captured trying to cross the border, however no one including the FBI or Border Patrol Agents seem to know anything about it. I would think that the capturing of ten terrorists would be “BREAKING NEWS” on all News Channels, but apparently, Trump is the only one that knew about it.

There have also been lies spread by some News outlets, including Fox News that immigrants are bringing Smallpox with them.

After searching far and wide for any remaining trace of smallpox, the WHO’s member states passed a resolution on May 8, 1980, declaring Smallpox eradicated. “The world and all its peoples have won freedom from smallpox,” the resolution stated, adding that this “unprecedented achievement in the history of public health … demonstrated how nations working together in a common cause may further human progress.” Today, guarded laboratories in Atlanta and Moscow hold the only known stores of the virus.

Those spreading lies about immigrants entering our country are simply promoting a political agenda, and are pouring gasoline on a fire instead of trying to help put the fire out.

The Asylum Seekers:

8 U.S.Code 1158 – Asylum: Any alien who is physically present in the United States or who arrives in the United States (whether or not at a designated port of arrival and including an alien who is brought to the United States after having been interdicted in international or United States waters), irrespective of such alien’s status, may apply for asylum in accordance with this section or, where applicable, section 1225(b) of this title.

Contrary to some opinions, it is not unlawful to seek asylum in the United States. I would like to believe that most Americans would welcome immigrants seeking asylum if they are trying to escape gang violence and/or their children being forced into prostitution, or being forced to join a gang.

The Trump Administration clearly violated the laws of our country when they totally shut down the “Ports of Entry”. 

The Businesses that hire undocumented illegal immigrants:

If an immigrant is denied asylum or does not apply for asylum, they should not be in our country. Currently, when caught, these people are often deported from the country, but is that enough? Does that solve the problem? Undocumented immigrants will continue to steal American jobs, as long as there are companies like the Trump Organization who are willing to hire them.

It is ironic that a man like Donald Trump, screams about “Protecting our Borders” but has such a long history of, and continues to, hire Undocumented Illegal Immigrants 

Maybe a better approach would be to criminally charge those people and/or businesses that hire undocumented immigrants instead of slapping them with a small fine.

The Businesses that hire undocumented immigrants are the ones that are stealing jobs from American citizens. When a drug user is caught, they often flip on the drug dealer. When an undocumented immigrant is caught they should be allowed to flip on the person or business that hired them.

American Jobs cannot be stolen by undocumented illegal immigrants if businesses are not willing to hire them. 

The Liars are PART of the problem.

The Asylum seekers are NOT the problem.

The Businesses and people who hire Undocumented Illegal Immigrants ARE THE PROBLEM!!! LOCK THEM UP!!!