Trump’s Shiny Objects

Posted 11/20/2018

In 1988, the front-runner for the Democratic Presidential Nomination was Senator Gary Hart from Colorado. A picture of Senator Hart was released showing him on a boat with a young lady, Donna Rice, sitting on his lap. Senator Hart immediately withdrew from the race.

In 2016, the front-runner for the Republican Presidential Nomination was Donald Trump. An Access Hollywood tape was released of Mr. Trump saying the following:

“I moved on her like a Bitch in Heat”

“I just start kissing them, when you are a star you can do anything”

“Grab’em by the pussy, you can do anything”

However, within (3) hours of the Access Hollywood tape being released, Wikileaks released the hacked e-mails of John Podesta. Trump’s good friend, Roger Stone, had predicted that John Podesta would be “Next in the Barrel”. Obviously, the Trump Campaign knew they had Wikileaks lined up to release these hacked e-mails when they felt they would be most needed. 

Trump dodged a bullet, and not only did Donald Trump not withdraw from the race, he went on to win the Republican Nomination, and then enough Electoral Votes to win the Presidency, while losing the Popular Vote by almost (3) million.

Trump is a Master of Re-direction. When he is backed into a corner, Trump will say or do something outrageous to divert everyone’s attention to something else. On MSNBC Joe Scarborough said he would not be surprised if Trump said “There are Martians in our backyards at night eating our dog’s poop.”

There is no end to what Trump might say. He claimed John McCain was not a war hero, mocked a disabled reporter, and a Sexual Assault Victim, picked a fight with a “Gold Star Family”, suggested Ted Cruz’s father was involved the the assassination of President John Kennedy, calls the media “The enemy of the people”, offered to pay the legal fees for anyone who punched a protester at his rally, recently Trump claimed there was a Caravan Invasion, and these are just a couple examples.

What many people do not realize, is that these are not things, that Donald Trump just accidentally blurts out, they are intentionally said to re-direct our attention from something else that he does not want us talking or thinking about. 

His end-game is to throw out so many outrageous things that the media cannot focus on any one-thing long enough to make anything stick.

Trump is a Master of re-direction.  He is a Professional Con-Artist. He knows exactly what he is doing, and what he is saying. He has a lot of shiny objects to show us.

Trump would never have withdrawn from the race like Gary Hart did in 1988 simply because there was a picture of a young lady sitting on his lap. Trump would have said that this was a FAKE PICTURE or a HOAX and probably say the woman was paid by the opposition, to jump in his lap, while he was secretly being filmed by the corrupt FBI.